Alabama Child & Adolescent Counseling Services in Birmingham


Alexis Sapp, LPC, NBCC

Meet your counselor, Alexis Sapp. Her mission is to empower children, adolescents, teens, young adults, and their families to overcome personal obstacles and to improve their quality of life. She is  passionate about the impact of counseling during the childhood and adolescent years.  Using clinically significant and evidenced-based therapeutic interventions, Alexis has served children and teens in Central Alabama for over a decade.  Alexis is currently the owner of Alabama Child and Adolescent Counseling. On a professional level, she has have a fervent belief that children today face their own unique set of challenges and obstacles. As a mother, she can relate to the struggles that  parents and children experience day in and day out. She strives to create a practice that guides families through both the challenging and rewarding times in life. 

Alabama Child & Adolescent Counseling Services in Birmingham


Cindy Smith, ALC

Meet your counselor, Cindy Smith, ALC.

Chelsea Family Counseling 


At some point during our lifetime, we all face problems and/or crisis. You may be struggling with an issue or perhaps you see your child experiencing difficulties. I am here to help you walk through this journey and offer hope for you in the meantime. I'd love to meet you and hear your story!

With 20+ years of experience as a school counselor, my specialty area would most definitely be children & teenagers. I absolutely love to join in the journey of helping children heal, learn new coping strategies and to see things from a new perspective. In addition, I truly enjoy working with adults to find unique ways to tackle problems & crisis.

I feel like everyone, children & adults alike, have a story. I enjoy working within the story framework to help my clients regain or take control of their lives whether it be through coping strategies, healing from trauma or reshaping perspective. Let me help you begin to see your story & your role in shaping it.