Treatment Approaches Alabama Child & Adolescent Counseling Services in Vestavia Hills


Based on Individual Needs

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) helps improve a  child's moods, anxiety, and behavior by examining confused or distorted  patterns of thinking. CBT therapists teach children that thoughts cause  feelings and moods which can influence behavior. During CBT, a child  learns to identify harmful thought patterns. The therapist then helps  the child replace this thinking with thoughts that result in more  appropriate feelings and behaviors. Research shows that CBT can be  effective in treating a variety of conditions, including depression and  anxiety. Specialized forms of CBT have also been developed to help  children coping with traumatic experiences.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) can be used  to treat older adolescents who have chronic suicidal feelings/thoughts,  engage in intentionally self-harmful behaviors, or have Borderline  Personality Disorder. DBT emphasizes taking responsibility for one's  problems and helps the person examine how they deal with conflict and  intense negative emotions. This often involves a combination of group  and individual sessions.
Family Therapy focuses on helping the family  function in more positive and constructive ways by exploring patterns of  communication and providing support and education. Family therapy sessions can include the child or adolescent along with parents,  siblings, and grandparents.
Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) is a brief  treatment specifically developed and tested for depression, but also  used to treat a variety of other clinical conditions. IPT therapists  focus on how interpersonal events affect an individual's emotional  state. Individual difficulties are framed in interpersonal terms, and  then problematic relationships are addressed.
Utilize Play Therapy Techniques. This involves the use of toys, blocks,  dolls, puppets, drawings, and games to help the child recognize,  identify, and verbalize feelings. The psychotherapist observes how the  child uses play materials and identifies themes or patterns to  understand the child's problems. Through a combination of talk and play  the child has an opportunity to better understand and manage their  conflicts, feelings, and behavior.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is different in many ways from traditional approaches to treatment. It is a competency-based model, which minimizes emphasis on past failings and problems, and instead focuses on clients' strengths and previous successes. 
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